On the Shoulders of Giants is a giant robot power hour discussing mechs across media, their stories, and why we love them. Friends Alice, Brian, and Niko talk through mech design, catchphrases, pilots making good life choices, transhumanism, literal cockpits, semantics, and child soldiers. From anime to books to tabletop roleplaying games, join us as we ask and answer one of life’s most crucial questions: how cool are the mechs? We also subject ourselves to the mortal folly of trivia games!

OSG releases episodes every two weeks, minus bonus episodes that may appear in the feed from time to time.

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Where can I watch/read/play what you discussed on an episode?

We'll always provide the best links we can for the media we cover in the blog post for the episode, and for smaller projects, in the shownotes. On top of that, we also have lists maintained on Bookshop.org and itch.io of the books and itch games we've covered on the pod. Check them out below!

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