What’s this Podcast About?

On the Shoulders of Giants is a podcast about mechs, period. All mechs across all types of media: anime, games, TV, film, comics, books, podcasts, TTRPGs, and more.

What do we consider a mech? Well, we have a whole episode where we argue about that, but, in general, it’s a piloted thing created for a specific purpose– whether it’s a massive, fleshy mech battling for the fate of a fantasy world or a car-sized mech enforcing traffic laws. Big or small, machine or organic, pilot dependent or AI-enabled, we love mechs and talking about the stories they star in.

We started this project because we three hosts have been friends for a long time and share this love for mechs. This podcast is a great reason for us to regularly get together and talk about mech media at length, without being restricted to “just anime” or “just games.” We hope you’ll check it out!

Who Pilots the Pilots?



The number one super cool bishoujo best girl. Alice is from parts unknown (the Midwest), possibly an eldritch horror, and the resident Anime expert. With a background that includes no actual secondary education that has anything to do with media crit, she's here with correct opinions on who is waifu material and which mech is the most anime. She isn't cringe, okay?



Based lit crit chill vibes core guy. Brian is a passionate and wit filled sage who crosses genres with ease. His background in style and art, as well as his long history of writing and editing means he actually has the words to actually explain the content and give it a really important viewpoint. Knows more about crunchy bits than most, but also spicy as heck.



Hip and butch most words per minute gal. Niko is a well-spoken and verbose media consumer and opinion maker, ready to happily give her takes. Her background in design and literature, as well as being a consumer of fine film and hot trash means there are allegories abound and connections to highlight. Here for the party, she's gonna give you some important context.

all about sections written by alice and heavily biased

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