Ep 0001 - Escaflowne: The Movie (2000)


Our episode this time is on Escaflowne: The Movie (2000), a case study of mech-based alternatives to talk therapy.

Content warnings for this episode: discussions of violence, body horror, suicide, animal death, abuse, sexism, forced transition, racism and racist metaphors.

Our theme is “She Loves Your Fusion” by PartyFactor on Pixabay. Other sound effects also sourced from Pixabay. Any and all clips of copyrighted media are included for transformative use or commentary, and On the Shoulders of Giants makes no claim of ownership on the sampled audio.

Mechs Discussed

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Other Images of Things Discussed

Van's skydiving
our first scene seeing Escaflowne
Hitomi transported into the Cockpit
our two Main Characters meet
the Elf and our Villain
Moleman and the Catgirl
the enemy uncovers Alseides
our pleasant little village
Aleides is released
take me on music video sequence
dragon ver Escaflowne
the sunset at the end


Our game this time was guessing how drastically character designs changed between the Anime Series and the Movie.

Allen (Movie) Allen (Show)
Gatiss (Movie) Gatiss (Show)
Jajuka (Movie) Jajuka (Show)
Millerna (Movie) Millerna (Show)
Shesta (Movie) Shesta (Show)