Ep 0005 - Hard Reboot by Django Wexler (2021)


Hard Reboot Book Cover

This time around we’re discussing a book that really gets into the trials of dating while studying abroad.

Buy the Book! Hard Reboot - Tordotcom Publishing

Django Wrexler penned an amazing top 5 list for Epic Robot and Mecha Battles that you can read here: Five Epic Robot and Mecha Battles - Tordotcom Publishing (alice approved!)

Book cover images used are the property of Tordotcom Publishing, quotes from text are property of the author, Django Wexler.

Content warnings for this episode: discussions of violence, body horror, mild gore, murder, abuse, sexism, racism, and racist metaphors.

Our theme is “She Loves Your Fusion” by PartyFactor on Pixabay. Other sound effects also sourced from Pixabay. Any and all clips of copyrighted media are included for transformative use or commentary, and On the Shoulders of Giants makes no claim of ownership on the sampled audio.

Mechs Discussed


"Kas was right, he did look like scrap..."


"...the impression of stoutness enhanced by the thick armor plating...

Alpha Zero

"...this machine was smooth, organic-looking, sleek and black."

Niko's Interpretation Alice's Interpretation


"...what had to be 20 meters of polished metal..."

Niko's Interpretation Alice's Interpretation

Cool Factor(tm) Score







Other Images of Things Discussed

cover for the novella binti by nnedi okorafor
some of martha wells' murderbot diaries novellas
hard reboot's cover artist
the progressive knife from eva
cassette futurism (alien) vs apple store
junkyard from gundam 0083
two busts, one painted with vantablack
alice's 40k pull for the dreadnaught
topher grace piloting venom in the raimi spiderman 3


Our game this time was guessing what was a fake Old Earth pop-up, or a real one. The below are the real ones, that actually really existed: