Ep 0011 - All You Need is Kill (2004)


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This episode is on the 2004 light novel All You Need is Kill, a book that really examines the emotional toll of visiting Florida.

Content warnings for this episode: War, bodily harm, description of injuries, death of a child, suicide,

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This time, our hosts had to guess how people got their call signs, after all, our two protags earned theirs in book!

Chaos - call sign of a former Marine Corps general. Did he…

a. …personally champion the use of AGM-93 CHAOS air-to-surface missiles over others?

b. …get given it as a joke, with CHAOS standing for “Colonel Has An Outstanding Solution”?

c. …earn it due to the absolutely wild state he and the men in his command always left the cafeteria during his service in Iraq?

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Omelet - call sign of a Dutch pilot. Did he…

a. …formerly work as a bouncer, with the Dutch word for “bouncer,” (“uitsmijter”), also meaning “grilled egg”?

b. …get caught “poaching” an officer’s higher quality breakfast as a young recruit?

c. …”break a few eggs,” aka take action during a joint operation that resulted in the deaths of non-combatants?

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Holy Ghost - call sign of an army officer. Did he…

a. …serve at the same time as both his father and his older brother, who got to be “The Son” in the holy trinity?

b. …dance so badly at a military ball his peers likened it to a revivalist “moved by the spirit”?

c. …serve as chaplain to a squadron whose collective call sign was “Ghost”?

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Lawn Dart - call sign of a pilot. Did he…

a. …do exactly what you think he did with an airplane? (Land it nose-down in the ground.)

b. …get wasted and fall off a curb face-first?

c. …manage to fire three consecutive missiles which malfunctioned?

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Smokey - call sign of a pilot. Did he…

a. …stand 6’4” and weigh 230lbs?

b. …start his working career as a park ranger at Los Padres National Forest?

c. …accidentally start a forest fire during a search and rescue exercise?

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FISH - call sign of a female recruit. Did she…

a. …happen to be built like a brick shithouse, with FISH standing for “Fuck Is She Huge”?

b. …accidentally detonate a can of tuna trying to cook it unopened on a grill?

c. …wear a mermaid-cut gown to an Air Force formal one time?

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Fridge - call sign of a lieutenant. Did he…

a. …earn it by putting away a lot of beer?

b. …frequently get caught in the fridge on-base stealing others’ unmarked, stored food?

c. …once put brie in the fridge instead of out at room temperature, and get taunted by his men as a philistine?

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Cornbread - call sign of a pilot. Did he…

a. …have a best buddy whose call sign was Grits?

b. …just make really good cornbread?

c. …drop phosphorus on an Ohio cornfield during a training exercise?

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