Ep 0014 - Robot Jox (1990)


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This time around we’re discussing a film about war, desire, and the perils of trusting a Texan, 1990’s Robot Jox. Let’s launch into it!

Content warnings for this episode: Discussions of manipulation, warfare, visualizations of blood and violence, references to trauma and representations of PTSD.

Our theme is “She Loves Your Fusion” by PartyFactor on Pixabay. Other sound effects also sourced from Pixabay. Any and all clips of copyrighted media are included for transformative use or commentary, and On the Shoulders of Giants makes no claim of ownership on the sampled audio.

Mechs Discussed


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Kobalevsky 41, 42, and 43

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Other Images of Things Discussed

mecha combat
safety first
the gantry and silo
the inside of a mech
they got that panoramic view
this is sexy in 1988
athena and the tubies
matsumoto, tex, and our boy achilles
our delicious villain
our delicious villain (masked)
the one bar, no filters added
how to properly wear a mask
the weird posters
jungle gym time
depression dinner
future apartments
this movie is somewhat problematic
okay really problematic
dab on them
unironically they go to space
frotage (dicksaw and cockpit)
let me hotwire this shit
sticks and stones
crash and burn
models in scale
the models still exist out there


Robot Jock, Paper, and Scissors

Both contestants will be Robot Jox representing of the two great powers, (players decide), they will then get take turns choosing from 3 Weapons. It’s rock paper scissors but they don’t know what weapon represents what. Scores are calculated and the most damage done to the opponent wins!

Be careful, a Canadian Spy is afoot and has laid traps on a few of the weapons. Choosing one of those is an instant loss of the round!

Alice Note - this one doesn't translate to a webpage as well, so listen to the episode to see how this battle plays out!